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About R Kalidass and Associates

R Kalidass and Associates has been established as an emerging black-owned Chartered Accountant and Consultancy firm. We specialise in bringing integrity to the accounting and auditing profession, by delivering integrated information which clients can use to run their business with sustainable reporting.

This involves striking a balance between short-term financial reporting and long-term development of value, based on an appreciation of interlinking economic, social and environmental impacts that must be considered in its pursuit.

As much as we are confident of our technical and professional expertise in bringing solutions to our clients, we also partner with other firms for capacity building and skills transfer in complex and large assignments. Our partners are carefully chosen to maintain our core values and sustainable service in business.

Given this background, we are confident that we not only have the required expertise in providing professional and value adding accounting and audit services to our clients, but will also stay focused on our commitment in maintaining our broad objectives, which includes the meaningful development of Historically Disadvantaged individuals.


Why R.Kalidass and Associates?

  • We have established divisions specializing in risk management, internal audit and corporate governance services. These divisions have developed extensive risk management and internal audit expertise, and we believe that we are in a unique position to provide professional services to all our clients.
  • Our experience in providing audit and professional services to the public sector has given us valuable insight on the operations and functions of entities of all sizes and nature.
  • The key members of our engagement teams – the Engagement Director and Engagement Manager are accredited by the relevant professional bodies. This pool of expertise and experience ensures that our services not only complies with the required standards, but also provides quality, efficient and value added services.
  • We utilize world-class methodologies and tools for internal audit and risk management, forensic audits, performance audits and Information systems risk management services. These methodologies have been adopted by various industries worldwide and in South Africa, and apply best practice and international standards.

R.Kalidass and Associates is one of the leading emerging professional service providers in the country, with a significant dedicated team, and offices based in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Gauteng.


How we work with you

Our culture at R.Kalidass & Associates has always encouraged lively discussion and debate. Accountants and Auditors are not always known for their colourful personalities but we put creativity at the heart of what we do and if an idea is big enough then it will withstand robust challenge.

Our people are empowered to think for themselves, to be creative, to lead and to inspire business leaders to drive their ideas forward.

As a client of R.Kalidass & Associates, we’ll share your vision, fuel your ambition and build a lasting relationship. That means continuity, communication and the highest quality of service and support.

Being interested in our clients has resulted in lifelong relationships with organisations and individuals. We listen to your concerns, understand your challenges and work with you so we can tailor our service to meet your needs and to help you realise your ideas and ambitions.

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